Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Neither here* nor there

(*Punjaabbi accent)

- on the tightrope that one is forced to walk with difficult friends, too affectionate to be eradicated, and too unreasonable to be endured; supportive and nurturing in many situations, but possessive and trying when another enters the picture… The fat dashes into the fire when they fall in love!

Attend classes; write a paper or two –
Opposition to this will be rarer than rare.
Play a game – as long as it’s a sport
You will not need to yank out your hair.

Hunger, greed or faithful gluttony beckons?
Your chum may serve up lip-smacking fare.
Out of laundered raiment some day?
Your amigo’s apparel is quite yours to wear.

Have an opinion on mediaeval painting?
Go ahead, put your views on air.
Need to dissect another’s character?
You may proceed to lay your soul bare.

In a trough for causes extraneous?
There’s ever a couch in your friend’s lair.
A clash of opinions come your way?
Present (il)logical arguments, if you dare.

Pay a tint more attention to person X or Y -
Your y’kno’what’ll get kicked; who said it’s fair?
But if your friend falls in the … l-word,
Aaaaah! Don’t even go there!

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