Monday, July 16, 2007

More than colours

-to the select few who are privy to both my ‘colour’ed stance and the provenance of this phrase

Is one justified in calling gray a colour, pray?
Wouldn’t deep purple beat it night or day?
There’s more than enough sky-blue up there
Why use it ad nauseum in your walls and your wear?
What role do cream, beige and brown fulfill
That butter-yellow or maroon couldn’t do better still?

When someone proclaims “I’m in the pink”,
Cogitate, evaluate, consider, think,
Is that really any reason to rejoice?
Who would look like candy floss by choice?
Why condemn practically every little miss
At an impressionable age to swathes of this?

I am woefully devoid of a clue
Why so many clamour after dark blue.
It’s supposed to be cool, and I’ll grant that it is.
But the fuss over “cool” is something I dismiss.
The only blue that has any claim to appeal
In my exalted opinion is teal.

If there’s a colour that’s grossly overrated,
Overused, overexhibited and leaves me sated,
That colour, or lack thereof, is black;
Ebony, jet, sable – I’d give them all the sack.
Black is a necessary evil I will attest -
Needed to form shades and there it should rest.

When the discussion swings to the colour green,
One that prompts showy peacocks to preen;
The colours of parrots, lush grasses and pine -
All hues that gladden this heart of mine,
I can fully understand the enthusiast’s zest
For the colours of deep seas and a healthy meal’s best.

Anybody who fancies yellow
Is – at least in that respect – my fellow.
I’ve a fondness for oranges from melon to coral,
And reds - carmine, rust, scarlet and cardinal.
The dyes of fire from ember to flame -
To applaud them all you’ll find I am game.

A shade that the right-minded should teach
The populace to utilise is peach.
Other pastels can’t harm in small doses, I guess.
And white can be grand – let us all confess.
But in spite of my gripes and the grudges I nurse
I’ve got to say that life is more-than-colours!


Anonymous said...

phenomenal poetic skills. Benjamin Moore should read it.

SunoBolo said...

more than 'kalars' i say.